Content Mix

We implement tactics based on your target audience and resources

It’s never a one-size fits all. The same way products and services are different, audiences also vary based on markets, demographics, etc. Let us come up with the best content mix for your business.

Content Management

You have the best product, the best service. But maybe your customer doesn't know that. Let us tell your story. We'll create a content strategy that will engage your audience, generate buzz and increase your brand awareness.


No, Public Relations is not dead. From media relations to case studies, press releases and white papers, we'll make sure to contact the best journalists and bloggers to promote your story - in their own language.


Online, offline, above the line, below the line. An integrated Marketing Strategy is crucial for your business. Based on your audience, product and budget, we'll craft the best plan for you - always with the best content strategy in mind.

Video Production

You already know how videos are a very important part of any Marketing strategy. Whether you need a new corporate video, interviews with your executives or something catchy to go viral, we have a team of producers and editors ready to start shooting.


Yes, content is king but maybe you already have what you need - the only problem is that it is in another language. If that's the case, we can not only translate but also adapt and localize from and to English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Social Media

Most likely you already have your company represented in the main Social Media channels. Question is: are you customers interacting with your brand online? We can create a smart content strategy for you as well as manage and monitor your social activities for maximum engagement.